Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Quick Takes


This assignment was very interesting, it was my first time completing a project like this. I incorporated three different video clips from YouTube. In the beginning I thought it was going to be complicated using Adobe Premiere In Picture (PIP) being that I never used this before but it was pretty easy after I got the hang of it with help from Mr. Harwood.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lit Light Techniques

90 degree split lightening image, as you can see half of his face it lit the other half is dark and dull. this photograph can be symbolic of a half of moon.

High frontal, Butterfly lightening as you can see his face is fully lit and brighten. 

Spooky scary face lightening effect was created with the light on his iPhone

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Three Point Lighting

Wideshot with no lightening 

Close-up shot with no light 

Close-up shot with all three point lightening including back light.

Wideshot with all three lights

Light Reflector Effect

         Jordan Huff (Left) using the reflector on Sterling Jones (Right). Using this method allows photos and videos to have a better effect. Objects appear much brighter because of the sun. 

        Below is a basic photograph without the reflector effect. As you can see it looks normal and dull.
       This third photograph demonstrates the effect of the reflector. Compared to the photo above this is brighter picture and it has better quality.  

Friday, October 13, 2017

Types of Camera Shots

Extreme wide shot, wide shot, mid shot, medium-close up, close up, cut-away, over the shoulder, and two shot are some of the main types of camera shots that are used.  
Below is a quick video of some examples displaying these shots.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Completion of the new Pedestrian Bridge

South Carolina State University Bulldog family finally have a more safer way to travel on and off campus. The brand new pedestrian bridge is complete and students have been taken much advantage of this beautiful asset that helps benefit Bulldog Country and allow SC State to be a greater institution.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

? Five Questions ?

The first edited interview was a basic green screen edition


The updated interview was much more fun with chromakey effects and different background to give it more life.

Here is my five questions interview with Connie Maybin, edited by Malik Jeter